Detmold, 20 August 2004

80th birthday of Prince Armin zur Lippe

uploaded: August 2004 / last modified: 23 December 2013

On August 18, 2004, Prince Armin zur Lippe celebrated his 80th birthday. On that day a reception was held for members of the family. All together there were almost 50 guests. Two days later, on Friday August 20, 2004, at 18:00 a reception was being held at Detmold Castle for friends and acquaintances and everybody else who wanted to congratulate him.

Being asked by Gerben if I wanted to go to Detmold, I decided to go with him. We were a bit late, and most people had already congratulated Prince Armin with his birthday. We joined the queue and managed to hand over our presents and shake hands with the Prince and his wife Princess Traute.

Afterwards we joined the other people in the Ahnensaal (hall of the forfathers). Soon we were very well entertained by a man who told his audience that Prince Armin had written his memoires and that he had had the joy of reading and correcting them. We were told some small enjoyable anecdotes from the schoollife of Prince Armin. Unfortunately Prince Armin later told us that he had written his memoires especially for his five grandchildren and that he doesn't intend to publish them (which is really a pity). With permission we happily took upon us the role of 'court photographers' as to our surprise no other photographers were present.

Princess Traute and Prince Armin zur Lippe; Prince Stephan and Princess Maria zur Lippe; Prince Armin zur Lippe; Princess Traute zur Lippe (Copyright: Netty Leistra)

Everybody went outside as the weather was pretty good. Soon the Jagdhornbläserkorps "Alte Hansestadt" from Lemgo played some songs for the birthday to the joy of the Prince. They received lots of thanks from Prince Armin and Princess Traute.

After hanging around in the garden next to the Ahnensaal for a while, we discovered Princess Traute giving a tour through the garden to some guests. We were asked to join and thus saw something of the private part of the gardens of Detmold Castle. The design was mainly by Princess Traute herself and it all looked wonderful.

Back with the other guests we had small talks to some members of the family that had joined the reception, including Prince Stephan and his wife Princess Maria. Around 21:30 it was more than about time to say goodbye and we drove home again.

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