Count Roderik zu Castell-Rüdenhausen marries Liesbeth Lotgering

What else do you need on the day of a royal wedding? Saturday there was sunshine, probably even a bit too much, and I enjoyed the good company of other people interested in nobility and royalty. But most important there was a very happy and enthusiastic bridal couple.

After their civil wedding on 17 May, the religious wedding of Count Roderik zu Castell-Rüdenhausen and Liesbeth Lotgering took place in the Oude Blasius Church in Delden, The Netherlands on 7 June. Upon arrival the groom posed with his mother, brother and sister. The bride arrived in a car accompanied by her father. The groom loves music a lot, and that was quite clear during the ceremony. The order of service showed classical music, like Brahms and Bach, but also jazz.

After the wedding the bridal couple toured the small city of Delden by carriage. It left more than enough time for guests, public and press to walk to the nearby Twickel Castle, where the couple lives since a few months. Loudly cheered they arrived at the front square of the castle. They shortly posed for the photographers present before going into the castle, followed by their guests. A reception took place in the castle grounds, and of course a big party was being held in the evening.

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