Hannover Wedding – The Guests

Placing photos on Flickr always costs ages, almost as much I sometimes think as resizing and cutting pictures. It keeps on making new accounts and forgetting my password. Most irritating. But anyway I’ve uploaded some of mine (and Stigs) photos of the wedding of Hereditary Prince Ernst August of Hannover and Ekaterina Malysheva on 6-8 July 2017 on my account now.

As said, I had chosen a completely wrong spot this time. The guests passed photographers in front of the entrance to the church area, and right afterwards they didn’t really looked interesting in being photographed anymore until they had reached the bigger group of photographers near the church entrance. I managed to get a few nice pictures anyway. But I had to shout loudly – what I am well capable off as some of you might know (sometimes a bit too good). Anyway Prince Heinrich of Hannover, uncle of the groom, at least for a change didn’t stick his tongue out like in Madrid in May 2004. He just walked on and turned around a bit with a quick wave. If you’ve seen pictures of him and his family from the wedding … his wave was a reaction to my shouting I think.

The Margrave (godfather of the groom) and Margravinne of Baden arrived shortly after their son Prince Michael and his wife Princess Christina. Prince Michael looked at me and said, you don’t know who I am. Of course I do, so I told him who he was, they had a good laugh and posed (as did his parents later on)! Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Sophie of Prussia passed, stopped meters further for a known photographer. But luckily I managed to turn them into my direction too. He has seen me often enough to recognize me (sorry for the stupid shouting). Prince Casimir zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn introduced his fiancée Alana Bunte to the same photographer. They posed long enough for me to take a few nice pictures too. But otherwise most my photos were crap. Stig had a bit more luck at least.

We had more luck in the evening. We knew several guests were in the bigger hotels in the center of Hannover. We decided to wait outside the Kastens Hotel Luisenhof, the only five-star hotel in the area. Several interesting guests, including Andrea and Tatiana Casiraghi with their cute children, and also the bride and groom. We saw the groom inside, but we never got to see them in the end as they left via the back of the hotel. But at least unlike Friday evening the weather was good and it stayed light outside for quite a while.

We finally managed also to see the Crown Princely couple of Greece with their two eldest children, who posed endlessly. They had been at the wedding with their children (except for Prince Achileas-Andreas it seems), but unfortunately arrived via another entrance, so we only saw them in the big crowd when they left the church. Pavlos’ grandmother was of course Princess Frederika of Hannover.

For my wedding album on Flickr see here.

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