Wedding memories (2) – Close-up of a bride

Often you wished you could come closer to a bride. Back in July 2007 it wasn’t too difficult, but I almost felt too close. I had travelled to Burgsteinfurt, Germany, for the wedding of Hereditary Prince Carl Ferdinand zu Bentheim und Steinfurt and Elna-Margret Rinn on 21 July 2007. When you were early you could stand next to the red carpet. There were quite a few people by the time the bride arrived at church, but by the time they got out there were even more. It was hard to see and photograph anything. I remember standing on my toes, hanging in the back all over my other colleagues with the camera above my head to take pictures of them getting out of the church. I had no choice. Surprisingly they were even rather good.

Then of course I tried to make way for the bride and groom who were going for a carriage ride. But that was almost impossible. Despite some security people trying to make everyone step back, they just managed to make enough space for the bridal couple. And while I tried to step back as far as possible, people from behind tried to push me forward. I nearly ended up in the carriage myself to be honest. In between I managed to take a few photos of the bride and groom walking to the carriage, including this close-up of the bride who was interviewed by the regional tv-channel. I can only tell you I didn’t even have to zoom in to take it, as I was so close to her that I almost feared I’d push the camera in her face. The local newspaper later published some photos of the carriage with me standing just behind it.

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