Wonderful Apple & Sand Sculptures Exhibition

A few weeks ago I visit a wonderful exhibition in Garderen, near Apeldoorn in The Netherlands, which is being held inside and outside the statue garden. The yearly ‘t Veluws Zandsculpturenfestijn can be visited there until 27 October 2012. This year’s theme is the history of the Dutch Royal House, so for us royalty watchers it is absolutely a delight to visit. There are tens of gorgeous and big sand sculptures of family members from William the Silent to Princess Ariane, and even some of the palaces have been created out of sand.

Apart from that also Koninklijke Appels 2012 is shown. Lots of huge one metre high “apples”, and some smaller ones, with royal decoration, and they are absolutely wonderful. You’ll not only recognise the present-day royals like Queen Beatrix, the Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima, the Princesses Amalia, Alexia and Ariane, but also Dutch royals from the past. You can also have a drink and something to eat at the exhibition venue.

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