Birthday Exhibition of King Willem-Alexander

More than enough attention for the 50th birthday of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands in his own country. Of course we would all have loved to see more of the birthday guests for the private party on Saturday 29 April 2017, but we got the King’s Day on 27 April in Tilburg, a dinner with 150 ordinary Dutch people on Friday 28 April in Amsterdam and a 50-hour exhibition at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. In case you missed getting a ticket for the weekend, the objects from the exhibition are still on display from 5 to 14 May during regular opening hours. But tickets are not free anymore during these ten days.

The exhibition takes its visitors through 50 years of Dutch history, including some royal objects: the cradle that was used for the royal children, a few personal items from the King himself (like some skates, a flag from his office), a green dress of Princess Beatrix, the wedding dress and attire of Willem-Alexander and his wife Queen Máxima, cute Hindelooper chairs with the christening dates of their three daughters Amalia, Alexia and Ariane, and even the regalia. But also some historical moments like the independency of Suriname in 1975, the first Dutchman in space, last year’s Noble Prize from Ben Feringa, and a few very sportive highlights.

I only wished the people creating the videos for this exhibition had taken into consideration that not all parts of the videos were nice to see for some people who personally had been involved in these disasters, like the attack on Queen’s Day 2009 in Apeldoorn or the Bijlmer disaster in 1992 (air plane crash). I at least needed to have a second look at another part of the exhibition to cheer up again after seeing this almost at the end of the exhibition.

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  1. Je hebt prachtige foto’s gemaakt! Ook bij je bericht over het dinner. Je weet de sfeer goed vast te leggen! Plus: het is een hele mooie tentoonstelling!

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