Jan Taminiau – His designs for Queen Máxima on display

If you have any time left in the coming week and are interested in (royal) fashion don’t hesitate visiting the exhibition “Jan Taminiau. Reflections” at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht. The exhibition will be open until 26 August 2018 and even will open extra in the evening of 23 August. The best is to buy a ticket online previously if you want to be sure you get in. According to the website of the museum already more than 80.000 people visited the exhibition thus far.

Previously I posted a more general report about the exhibition, but of course for royalty-watchers the most important pieces of the exhibition are the four dresses that Queen Máxima of the Netherlands has lent out for the exhibition.  Apart from that there are a few designs that she has worn, but they are clearly not her dresses, as it doesn’t say so on the information signs. You might remember Máxima wearing these five pieces of clothing.

But these five designs are not on loan from Máxima. What you will see however is the royal blue robe she wore when her husband became King of the Netherlands on 30 April 2013, as well as the beautiful red (?) gown she wore the same evening. She has reworn both dresses since by the way. These two dresses however are behind glass together with a nice looking collage. I just really found it a pity that this corner of the exhibition is rather dark and it is neither easy to enjoy both dresses, nor to have a good look at the collage.

Luckily the other two dresses are much better visible – and accompanied by a design that wouldn’t look bad on Máxima anyway – and not behind glass either. Again a somewhat dark corner, but easier to enjoy than the other two dresses. You might both recognise the gown Máxima wore at Prinsjesdag (opening of parliament) in 2016 and the one she wore during the 50th birthday celebrations of King Willem-Alexander. For the Prinsjesdag-dress Jan Taminiau was inspired by the Japanese Room in Huis ten Bosch Palace in The Hague – the future residence of the royal couple.

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