The Vladimir Tiara

When revisiting the exhibition “Russia, Royalty & The Romanovs” at the Queen’s Gallery in Edinburgh there was one piece that caught my eye. I really couldn’t remember anymore having seen it in London, nor did I have pictures of it. I guess the only reason for it was that in London several items were in a dark corner of the room and that the tiara was hardly visible that way. In Edinburgh however I could have a real good look at it.

I guess most of you recognise this tiara. It is the so-called Vladimir Tiara in its pearl setting. According to The Court Jeweller it has also been worn with emeralds and even without gemstones.

The information at the exhibition says that the tiara was created around 1874, almost certainly by court jeweller C.E. Bolin, for Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna, the wife of Grand Duke Vladimir. It consists of intersecting circles set with brilliant diamonds, each hung with a claw-set pendant pear. Her daughter Princess Nicholas of Greece sold the tiara to the British Queen Mary in 1921.

See The Court Jeweller about the Vladimir Tiara.

I haven’t seen the Downton Abbey film yet, but also in this film the tiara, a copy of course, features as it is worn by “Queen Mary”. The Court Jeweller wrote a nice article about the jewelry in the film.

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  1. I saw the Vladimir when the exhibit was at BP last November and yes it was in an alcove area between the two main display rooms. I was thrilled to see it in real life, what a treat!

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