A Song for King Willem-Alexander

The national committee inauguration last week said there will be a “Konigslied” (king’s song) written on the occasion, and as many people as possible should sing it on a special choosen moment on 30 April, the day Queen Beatrix will abdicate. But you wonder if it is necessary at all to spend any money on it as a committee. With still two months to go until the Prince of Orange will become King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, the songs for the day have already started to come in. Not only about the new King, but also about his wife Queen Máxima and his mother Queen Beatrix. Many artists seem to be inspired by the occasion, and I am sure there will be more soon. Some sound quite ok, others are not really my taste.

Dries Roelvink – Koningslied


Torres Blues – Willem wordt koning


Willem-Alexander School – Lied voor Koning Willem-Alexander (Sweet!)


André van Duin – Oranje Boven (new version)


Roosy – Niemand zo betoverend als jij (Koningslied 2013 voor Máxima)


Torres Blues – Loflied op Máxima


Johan Vlemmix & Jack Kunkels – Beatrix Bedankt


And also Royal Fan Vivian wrote the text for a song last week, simply on the melody of the national hymn the “Wilhelmus.

With thanks to https://www.facebook.com/Troonwisselsouvenirs

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