Adel im Südwesten – Nobility and royalty on German TV

My June 2013 post Princess Anna von Hohenzollern married! somehow is the most popular post ever on this blog. When I had a look at my statistics today I was surprised to see the post all of the sudden is very popular again since yesterday. I was a bit puzzled untill I remembered there was a tv-programm about her and her mother Princess Heide von Hohenzollern, and her daughter Carlotta, on German television on Friday. Clearly people started looking for more information before or after watching it.

A new series of the SWR TV-series “Adel im Südwesten” started on 1 November 2019, 9pm-9.45pm. There will be several episodes until early 2020, focussing on the next generation. Quite interesting for anyone who is interested in German nobles and royals and their lives. The program is in German tough.

  1. Family von Bodman, Bodensee, 1 November 2019, see here
  2. Family von Vequel-Westernach, Kronburg , 8 November 2019, see here
  3. Family von Hohenzollern, Namedy, 15 November 2019, see here
  4. Family Adelmann zu Adelmannsfelden, Großbottwar, 22 November 2019, see here
  5. Family von Stetten, Künzelsau, 13 December 2019, see here
  6. Family von Nell, Trier, 20 December 2019, see here
  7. Family zu Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems, Hohenems, 10 January 2020, see here
  8. Family von Mallinckrodt, Gamburg, 17 January 2020, see here
  9. Family von Gemmingen-Hornberg, Neckarzimmern, 24 January 2020

All of them will be online on the day before the broadcast at 4pm at

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