Save Blauw Bloed!

Already for 21 years we have a tv-programme on Dutch television called “Blauw Bloed”. Nearly each Saturday presenter Jeroen Snel and his team provide TV watchers with the latest news about the royals in the Netherlands and abroad. Recently there has been news that the Dutch tv-broadcaster NPO will

In recent days it has been reported that the Dutch NPO tv-broadcaster NPO wants to renew the programs of public broadcast-channels. Several frequently watched programs are in danger of disappearing as a result, because they attract too few young audiences. One of them is Blauw Bloed. We don’t want that to happen! The program itself let know:

There is a lot of unrest in the television world due to the so-called “renewal” at NPO. Various titles are under discussion, including Blauw Bloed. At the moment, the management boards of EO and NPO are talking to each other and nothing can be said about the results. Thanks for all the reactions and the support of all Blauw Bloed viewers. We find that really heartwarming!

If you care, and enjoy Blauw Bloed on television or on the internet, please sign this Dutch petition to show your support!

3 thoughts on “Save Blauw Bloed!

  1. Impartial viewpoints are always necessary to an equal society . Although Blauw Bloed is obviously a programme that support’s democratic monarchy’s it has always allowed other viewpoint’s . I would greatly miss it, as I feel that a non political monarchy is one of a true Democracy’s safeguard’s .

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