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The last time I bought a television I accidentally ended up with a smart tv. I actually wanted the cheaper one without the smart part, but as they didn’t have it in stock, and I wanted it immediately, I got the more expensive version for the same price. Last week I finally decided I wanted Netflix. I have Dutch tv-channels, several German and some Belgian ones, as well as BBC 1 and 2. However as TV gets more and more boring and soon the European Championship football will dictate the tv screen, it was about time. As I am alone a Basic subscription is more than enough and it is actually cheaper than all these extra tv-channels. I figured out I had to update my tv first before I finally managed to get the smart part of the tv working. But then it was quite easy after all.

For years I have been able to avoid The Crown, but actually why I wanted to have Netflix was the new series Bridgerton. I just finished watching Season 1 “The Duke and I”, and the news is that there will be a second season. There is enough material actually for seven seasons, as there are eight books written by Julia Quinn between 2000 and 2006, each one featuring one of the eight Bridgerton children: Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory and finally Hyacinth. I have read them all over the years, and enjoyed them, as they are romantic but with an historical touch. I am certain the books will sell very well now in the first month of it being on Netflix it was already streamed by 82 million households in the world. As I found the first three books included in my e-reader subscribtion, I have downloaded them to reread them.

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Don’t think that if you have read the books, you have read it all. There is much more sex in Bridgerton than in the books itself, and the romantic entanglements play a big role in the series. Of course some extra drama was added, which is not in the books at all. I can’t recall any royals in the books either. However Queen Charlotte plays quite a big role in the Netflix series, and occasionally her mad husband King George III is shown too. While adding the royal court to me is interesting, I was less interested in the sad story of Miss Marina Thompson, although it shows pretty well probably how it worked in these days. One can get a glimpse of the exhausting life of the social season, with no less than eleven balls featuring in the first Bridgerton season.

One can of course wonder how accurate this new period drama is. There has already been written enough about that, and even some mistakes have been pointed out. The first series of Bridgerton takes place in 1813 and is concentrated on Daphne Bridgerton. The season in London goes on while in Europe troops are fighting against the French Emperor Napoléon. Something that is hardly mentioned by the way. And none of the Bridgerton men seems to have been fighting. The court is full of people of all skin colours, which certainly wasn’t the case back then.

The characters have been well casted, and I especially liked Penelope Featherington. And not to forget the voice of Julie Andrews as “Lady Whistledown”. All the men and the women in the series are a delight to watch. The Regency costumes with a modern touch are amazing and the scenery and houses are great. Part of the filming took place at Wilton House, the country seat of the Earls of Pembroke.

I have just finished the first season of Bridgerton and am looking forwards to the next season(s) already. For now I have chosen to finally start watching The Crown. Thus far I am quite enjoying myself, although I liked Bridgerton better. Much more to discover on Netflix. I am looking forward to your recommendations. I am a fan of history, royalty and crime …

2 thoughts on “Finally Netflix … and Bridgerton

  1. Thank you for your remarks about the differences between the series and the books. I have the book series and have enjoyed rereading it immensely over the years. I was wondering how Lady Whistledown was going to be addressed as she has such a unique place as a “double agent” in the storyline with the gossip columns of the day. It’s not too surprising that the stories are filled out with Emperor Napolean trying to take over the world, or that the Bridgerton boys didn’t serve, though one of them (?) did do some traveling. While Ms Marina’s widower was emotionally absent too during his story. I’m a little foggy right now on those details, I have to find those books to refresh myself about those details, sorry! I look forward to what further revelations you have to share about the series vs the books and hope your new tv serves you well for a good long time!

    1. Yes, Colin is traveling also in the series.
      I do like the books, and did like the series too. Only based on one book, the first one about Daphne.
      Lady Whistledown is very much present … very well done.
      Let’s hope they’ll do all the books. Series 2 is planned to be made.
      TV is actually old, but working fine, I could at the time easily have ended up with one without smart. But luckily I got one.

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