The Greatest Royalty Expert of the Netherlands

From 2008 to 2011 the Dutch broadcasting association “EO” (Evangelical Broadcasting) broadcasted the TV-program “De Grootste Royaltykenner van Nederland” (The greatest royalty expert of the Netherlands). The program was presented by Jeroen Snel and Bert van Leeuwen. Royalty watchers from the whole country took part in the six qualifying rounds. In the final the six winners competed against each other to become the overall winner. If I remember well in 2009 there were only three qualifying rounds and the two best competitors went to the final. But I am not quite sure anymore. In 2008 I think there was also a kind of qualifying round with professional royalty journalists, and the winner in the final had to beat the winner of the royalty watchers. Of course I am not a very well-known royalty journalist so nobody thought of asking me to join.

But anyway in March 2009 I decided to go for it and surprised myself by reacting very quickly and correctly to the first few questions – you had to answer electronically through a button. So during one of the qualifying rounds I was one of the six people in front, who were to answer more questions. We were guided to the make-up room and had to sign some papers to keep silent until after the actual broadcast. From behind the desk you had to tell something about yourself and then the fun could begin. Standing there in front of all the cameras isn’t as easy as it seems, I can tell you. A pity I missed a few questions, sometimes even in a stupid way. So in the end I ended in third place enough points behind number two not to be upset. I was glad that I had managed to get to the front, and didn’t totally make a fool of myself. It was a nice experience.

My prize was a flower bouquet and I managed to have my photo taken with the two presenters. Back in the train home I met a woman from the same area where I live, who travelled together with her daughter. We started talking, because she had the same bouquet as me. She didn’t get any further than I did in one of the other qualifying rounds, but we had lots of royal stuff to talk about and arrived home rather too quickly. My show was broadcasted on 11 April 2009. I hope people abroad are also able to watch the video.

6 thoughts on “The Greatest Royalty Expert of the Netherlands

    1. I am not good at it, so it was nice that I was to wear some make-up and they also did something with my hair I think. I still have the blouse …

  1. Ja, dat programma herinner ik me nog goed en vanaf de bank al kijkend naar het programma heb ik de antwoorden ook beantwoord en dat ging me vrij goed af, vrij goed, maar denk niet dat als ik mee deed, de voorrondes zou halen. Ik heb je toe ook gezien op tv en je was aardig snel moet ik zeggen.
    En het lijkt me ook een hele ervaring om dit een keer te hebben mogen meemaken

    1. Ik kan je verzekeren dat het thuis of in het publiek vaak een stuk makkelijker was dan vooraan. Er waren zeker twee vragen bij die ik toch goed had moeten kunnen beantwoorden.

  2. You look very nice. I was a stammering mess under the bright studio lights when I was interviewed two decades ago.

    I can’t resist. Did they ask Hein? And who was the winner?

    1. Only the six experts (journalists) were asked. If I remember well, it was Esther Wolswinkel, who at the time worked for Vorsten magazine who beat her colleagues.

      People who wanted to take part just had to apply. Think there were about 100 people audience per show and then only six could be in the front to answer further questions like me. So I was pretty lucky. And then there was the final show with the winners of the qualification rounds.

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