TV Royal November 2017 – Updated 1 December

All over the world tv-channels broadcast programmes about or even with nobles and royals. I will try to post a list here weekly, and update when I find something during the week. As it is impossible to check all channels I have listed the channels I have access to myself, and will include anything else I find online. Some channels might allow online Live TV access. Times are the local ones, thus Europe is CET, UK is GMT. Be aware there can always be last minute changes. If you have any additions, I would be very happy if you could react to this post and give the details.

Now with links, if I find them! I can’t be sure if you can see them all too, but hope they will be visible in other countries also.


Saturday 25 November

Monday 27 November

  • 6.00pm, BBC News (UK): Engagement interview with Prince Harry of Wales and Meghan Markle.
  • 7.30pm, BBC One (UK): Harry & Meghan. A Royal Engagement. Special program.
  • 9.00pm, BR (Germany): Bayern erleben. Auf der Spur der Alleen (Experience Bavaria. On the Tracks of the Avenues).
  • 9.30pm, Sky News (UK): Harry and Meghan: A Royal Engagement. Special program.

Tuesday 28 November

Wednesday 29 November

Friday 1 December

  • 11.30am, ST (Sweden): Prins Gabriels dop. The christening of Prince Gabriel of Sweden live.
  • 10.10pm, Één (Belgium): Victoria (3/9). Second series.



Saturday 18 November

Sunday 19 November

  • 11.35pm, SWR (Germany): Gracia Patricia – Fürstin von Monaco (Grace of Monaco). Film from 2014.

Monday 20 November

Tuesday 21 November

Wednesday 22 November

Thursday 23 November

Friday 24 November



An interesting report about the life of Princess Tessy of Luxembourg was shown at RTL Luxembourg on 31 October 2017.

Saturday 11 November

Sunday 12 November

  • 9.50am, ORF 2 (Austria): Der letzte grosse Kaiser-Franz Joseph I. zwischen Macht und Ohnmacht (The last great Emperor-Franz Joseph I between Power and Lack of Power).
  • 10.20am, BBC 1 (UK): Remembrance Sunday: The Cenotaph. Live. With members of the British royal family.
  • 4.00pm, ITV (UK): Prince Harry and Meghan: Truly, Madly, Deeply. Documentary.
  • 8.00pm, BBC 1 (UK): Remembrance Sunday: The Cenotaph. Highlights.
  • 10.30pm, Canvas (Belgium): Dries van Noten – Mode met een Ziel (Fashion with a Soul). He has designed for Queen Mathilde of the Belgians.

Monday 13 November

  • 8.00pm, Canvas (Belgium): 1917. Documentary about the Russian Revolution.
  • 8.30pm, RTL 8 (The Netherlands): Grace of Monaco. Film from 2014. Dutch TV-premiere.

Tuesday 14 November

  • 8.30pm, RTL 8 (The Netherlands): Een jaar met prins Charles-Binnen bij de Royals (A year with Prince Charles-At Home with the Royals). The documentary with Ant&Dec for The Prince’s Trust.

Friday 17 November

  • 10.10pm, Één (Belgium): Victoria (1/9). Second series.



Saturday 4 November

Sunday 5 November

Monday 6 November

Tuesday 7 November

Wednesday 8 November

Thursday 9 November

  • 7.00pm, BBC 2 (UK): Meet the Lords. Rebel Lords (2/3).
  • 8.00pm, BBC Four (UK): Empire of the Tsars. Romanov Russia with Lucy Worsley.
  • 9.00pm, BBC Four (UK): Russia’s Lost Princesses. The Gilded Cage.
  • 10.00pm, BBC Four (UK): Russia’s Lost Princesses. The World Turned Upside Down.
  • 11.00pm, BBC Four (UK): Russia 1917 – Countdown to Revolution.

Friday 10 November

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