A view of Frogmore

During my March 2019 visit to Windsor I of course wanted to have a look at the Long Walk. Me and the friend who accompanied me were too tired for a long walk after our Windsor Castle visit. However we were quite interested to see whether we could see Frogmore Cottage, the future house of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. I had seen some photos over the months before, so we thought it should be possible to see it from some distance.

Thanks to the photos I’d seen, and my friend’s visit to Frogmore years ago, we easily spotted what must be Frogmore Cottage. In March 2019 it was still quite visible. I expected then there would soon be trees or other plants around to make sure nobody can have a look from the Long Walk anymore. I only had a small lense with me, so with a much bigger one you will be able to get closer. We were there at the end of the afternoon and spotted some light on the side of the house, and we eventually saw some construction workers leaving. A lonely pheasant sat in the fields closer to us.

Apart from the days Frogmore House and Park are open, you won’t be able to enter the area. There are signs hanging on the fences with warnings. A tiny bit further you will notice the covered roof of the royal mausoleum at Frogmore, which was being restored at the time.

A lady living in the neighbourhood saw us watching, pointed at the covered roof of the royal mausoleum and told us that that is where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will live. We patiently let her explain, but after she left we looked at each other and agreed that couldn’t be correct.

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