Related: Marie of Denmark and Alix Lobkowicz

More and more royals marry commoners instead of royals or nobles, as it was the case in the old days when you had to marry within your own circle. That however doesn’t mean that these commoners are not well connected. Recently a few other genealogists and I found an interesting family connection between Princess Marie of Denmark and Princess Alix Lobkowicz … two people who only seem to have in common that they are both French. But actually they are quite closely connected. And the family tree shows several noble connections in France and even Germany.

Jean-Pierre-Baptiste Cavallier (1816-) m. 1) 1848, Anne Leopold Mansuy (-1853); m. 2) 1853, Marguerite Sophie Martin (1825-)
1. Louise Elisabeth Ursule Cavallier (1849-1849)
2. Jean Baptiste Eugène Cavallier (1851-)
3. Camille Cavallier (Pont-à-Mousson 1854-1926) m. Thérèse Julie Mangeot (1855-1933)
3.1. Charles Georges Cavallier (1879-1930) m. 1906, Marie Thérèse Legris [married, divorced, secondly baron Gaston de Limnander de Nieuwenhove
3.1.1. Philippe Cavallier (1907-1907)
3.1.2. Camille Jacques Cavallier (1909-1910)
3.1.3. Charlotte Françoise Cavallier (1912-1983) m. 1931, Bernard Georges Marie Paul Gardair (1905-1968). Issue.
3.1.4. Jacqueline Cavallier (1915-1993) m. 1) baron Gerard Limnander de Nieuwenhove (1903-1988); m. 2) Charles F. Hall (1918-1974)
3.1.5. Claude Cavallier (1918-1947) m. 1939, Odile Labesse (1918-2016) [she married secondly baron Jean Brunet de Sairigné (1914-1998)] Évelyne Cavallier m. Patrick Dollfus. Issue. Christian Cavallier (1941-before 2008) Alain Cavallier m. 1) 1975 (div.) Françoise Moreau [m. first 1968 Cyril Grandet; m. thirdly Christian Grassiot]; m. 2) … Marie Cavallier (1976-) m. 2008, Prince Joachim of Denmark (1969-) Prince Henrik of Denmark (2009-) Princess Athena of Denmark (2012-) Charles Cavallier (1988-) Edouard Cavallier (1989-)
3.2. Jeanne Marguerite Françoise Cavallier, also known apparently as Camille (ca. 1882-) m. Marcel Paul-Cavallier (1879-1946), son of Marcel Paul and Mathilde Villers.
3.2.1. Michel Paul-Cavallier (1909-1964) m. 1934, Marie-Madeleine de Sars (1912-1962) Béatrice Paul-Cavallier Ghislaine Paul-Cavallier m. .. Lefebvre Brigitte Paul-Cavallier (* 1937) m. 1963, Luitwin Gisbert von Boch-Galhau  (* 1936). Issue. Yseult Paul-Cavallier m. .. Bouriez Gérard Paul-Cavallier (-2005) m. Anne van Eeckhout Manuela Paul-Cavallier m. Guillaume Martel. Issue. Frédéric Paul-Cavallier m. 2011, Carmen Vilato Lorraine Paul-Cvallier Alix Paul-Cavallier (1975-) m. 2007, Prince Vladimir Lobkowicz. Princess Lucia Lobkowicz (2009-) Prince Jaroslav Lobkowicz (2012-) Princess Antonia Lobkowicz (2014-) Isabelle Paul-Cavallier
3.2.2. Daniel Marcel François Paul-Cavallier (1910-1953) m. 1935, Jacqueline Villeroy de Galhau (1911-1994) Sabine Paul-Cavallier Solange Paul-Cavallier m. 1) Henri Fournié; m. 2) Dominique Larré Dominique Paul-Cavallier (1942-) m. 1972 Margaret Ellen Davis, d.o. Mr and Mrs Harrison M. Davis Jr. Virginie Paul-Cavallier Edouard Paul-Cavallier “Ted” m. 2013, Heather Simon Etienne Paul-Cavallier m. Elisabeth de Courtois d’Arcollières “Babeth” Cyrille Paul-Cavallier Caroline Paul-Cavallier (1976-) m. 2001, Jérôme Le Mercier de Maisoncelle Vertille de Richemont (1974-) Julien Paul-Cavallier (1980-) Antoine Paul-Cavallier (1982-) m. 2016, Gersende Trillard Frédéric Paul-Cavallier Marcel Paul-Cavallier, probably the one who died in Nancy 29 October 2011, aged 64.
3.2.3. Micheline Marguerite Paul-Cavallier (1914-1968) m. count Roger Alexandre Guy Colonna-Walewski (1907-1968). Issue
3.2.4. Francine Paul-Cavallier (1917-2016) m. 1938, Jean Maurice Xavier Vicomte Suyrot du Chaffault (1911-1997). Issue

3 thoughts on “Related: Marie of Denmark and Alix Lobkowicz

  1. Hello! I happened upon an envelope addressed to Marcel Paul-Cavallier from 1937. Thought you might be interested in viewing it. I have it listed on eBay as per below. I’m glad I stumbled upon your website!

  2. Thank you very much Netty for your research.
    I found on few genealogical websites that Micheline Paul-Cavallier (1914-1968) married comte Roger Colonna-Walewski (a member of the French Walewski family, direct descendants of Emperor Napoléon I) and that she had descendants…
    Here is her portrait :
    I wish you a good continuation 🙂 and sorry for my english.

    Dany from France

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