Any good ideas? Making online life a bit more bearable

For my work I already have to write more than enough about the covid-19/corona virus. Wherever I go online – Facebook, Twitter, newspapers – or on my tv all I hear is the name of the virus. I’ve started to hear about people I know online being in self isolation. For all I wish everybody not too fall ill and not to experience any deaths in these difficult times, but it is not something I hope to report about on this blog if I can avoid it.

So my question yesterday on Twitter was: How can we all – all us royalty watchers and bloggers – make online life a bit more bearable in the coming weeks/months? All ideas welcome!

What do you think? Thus far I got some nice answers:

  • links to royal documentaries that you are fond of watching
  • book recommendations
  • stop clicking on negative stories about royals and stop responding to negative tweets
  • previous unseen pictures
  • not so known trivia
  • weddings of the past
  • stories about experiences seeing royals on tours, share memories
  • posting group photos of royals with all identification
  • watch period dramas
  • remembering the great things many royals have done
  • royal babies
  • podcasts
  • things that are funny, unbelievable or just plain wacky
  • riddles: quote paragraphs out of royal biographies and let others find out who the person is
  • share cute pet videos

2 thoughts on “Any good ideas? Making online life a bit more bearable

  1. Hi, Netty! Great ideas. – I especially like royal book recommendations, not so known trivia & royalty-related riddles.

  2. A recent favorite tidbit I came across (with photo) was about Pss Margaret meeting film star Elizabeth Taylor at a gala film premiere, and commenting that Elizabeth’s Krup diamond ring was vulgar because of its size, to which Elizabeth let Margaret wear it for a moment and with satisfaction noted that it wasn’t vulgar anymore now that it was on her hand. It was a good chuckle for them both! (And all us readers too!)

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