Me and Máximas alfajores

Baking cookies thus far wasn’t a huge success, but after seeing the recipe of Queen Máxima of the Netherlands – or rather her mother Maria del Carmen Cerruti – for Argentinian alfajores, I gave it another try. Being warned by others I only used half of all ingredients. Máxima and her family clearly needed a lot of them.

I managed to split eggs as I needed egg yolks. All dry ingredients went into the bowl with butter and then it turned out the dough kept on being very sticky. My guess is that I should have mixed the butter and dry ingredients with a mixer, instead of with my hands. It didn’t show any mixer in the royal recipe as far as I could see, nor on the pictures that were posted. But I should have known that myself probably. A good tip from the internet: add flour to the mix to solve the problem. Oh well, the dough was still somewhat sticky and I used a mixer this time, but at least I could create seperate dough balls with it by then.

Maybe I should have added even more flour? Anyway after one hour in the fridge the dough at least was less sticky and ready for baking. As I have a really small oven, I couldn’t bake more than nine cookies at the same time. I also had to place the dough back in the fridge every time, as it still was somewhat sticky and warm too quickly. I probably should have placed the bebogeen I used instead of dulce de leche in the fridge too for a while as it is rather fluid. And a tip from me: keep the cookies on the baking tray for about 5-10 minutes before placing them on a plate. Part of my first cookies fell apart. And you shouldn’t keep them too long. Even in a cookie tin, they were somewhat softer already the next evening.

Never mind all the small mistakes, the result was rather good.

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