Royal Lego (2)

Another lego post … people can create so much with a royal theme. The SculpturePark in Zuidlaren in the north of the Netherlands has sand sculptures and lego art on show. A friend of mine is creating all kind of buildings in Zuidlaren from lego and of course I had to have a look with him and his wife.

Unfortunately only a part of the sand sculptures was well visible, as because of a small earthquake in the area it is too dangerous to come close to some of the bigger ones. But although some media reported that the hall had closed, the building and even part of the exhibition is still open. And we were able to admire a few anyway, and also some small ones. Then we of course continued to the lego exhibition. It is really unbelievable what people can create with these tiny stones. And I even met a few royals well known to me … King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima. The portraits were made by Paul Toxopeus in April 2013. They are based on official portraits of King Willem I of the Netherlands and Queen Anna Pavlovna, wife of King Willem II. We tend to think that someone (a visitor?) wanted to be funny by putting a little black block on Máximas cheek.

Lots of buildings and animals also, including this wonderfully made Taj Mahal.

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