Royal tea blends

Some people prefer coffee, others do like tea, or drink both. Myself I am more of a tea person and never drink coffee. As I was drinking Kronprinsesse Mary’s Te I was wondering how many tea blends with a royal name there actually are. The Kronprinsesse Mary’s Te by Hedebogård is nowadays simply called Mary’s Te. If I remember well, soon after I got it many years ago (it still tasts quite good) – some of my colleagues bought it for me at Tivoli in Copenhagen – the company had to change the name, as they hadn’t ask for permission to use the name of the Danish Crown Princess. It is a mixture of Chinese and Ceylon tea with four different citrus aroma. I also have Queen Mary Tea from Twinings of London. Both are loose tea by the way.

In case someone ever wants to throw a real royal tea party, here are some other tea blends with a royal or noble name:

By the way I guess that often these blends are also created by other companies. If you know of other royal tea, let me know so I can add them to the list.

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