The Favourite Royal of … Jordi

I love it that about everybody thus far had different favourite royals. So if you’d like to tell about yours, just sent me a message.

Jordi from the Netherlands also found the time to answer my questions.

Who are your favourite royals?

The Norwegian royal family and prince Harry of Wales.

What do you find interesting about them?

The thing that I find the most interesting about both the Norwegian royals and prince Harry is that they all are so extremely passionate about what they do. They seem to love the work they do, seem to love the visits they pay, seem to be genuinly concerned about what happens in the fields they find important.

What would you like to ask them if you could meet?

I would ask them lots about how they see their constitutional position (I’m a political scientist, so I find that very interesting). Also I would ask them to tell about the things they are so passionate about and – of course – also what it is like to be a royal.

And where would you like to meet?

I would very much like to meet them in their ‘natural habitat’, so at a place they regard as ‘home’. I think such a place says a lot about the people you’ll be talking to.

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