The Favourite Royal of … Kendra

Find out who the favourite royals of Kendra from Canada are.

Who are your favourite royals?

Super hard question! I like so many for many different reasons. I would say Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.

What do you find interesting about them?

I think Queen Elizabeth has been such a center of the world for more than 60 years. She really is a touchstone for everyone. Everyone knows her and most really respect her.

Crown Princess Victoria is a few years younger than I am and I think that someone in her position is so different from any life I’ve known that she is fascinating. She has had some hardships and came out which is a real inspiration.

What would you like to ask them if you could meet?

Queen Elizabeth : There is so much history embodied in her, I would like to ask her about how she feels the world has changed from the time she was a new Monarch to now. And what is in her purse.

Crown Princess Victoria: I would ask her how she balances her life now as a Princess, a wife and a mother. Then we’d talk about cute Princess Estelle moments.

And where would you like to meet?

Anywhere, any time I’m ready. Just have to get some time off work. My boss knows me and my royal watching, they’ll let me go.

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