The Favourite Royal of … Yaroslava

Yaroslava from the Ukraine also loved to share her favourite royals with me.

Who are your favourite royals?

Being a royal fan almost all of my life, and currently a royal journalist and watcher makes my choice harder than ever. But I would name two: HM Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

What do you find interesting about them?

Queen Elizabeth – She is the symbol of life of the country and yet beloved by her nation, and at the same time she is wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and a women. She is a great example of duty and dignity and at the same time modernity.

Crown Princess Mary has done extremely well as royal, not being royal by birth, and gained the hearts of the whole nation, which is so different from the country she has come from.

What would you like to ask them if you could meet?

I would love to be not very nosey in my talk to Her Majesty. I would ask her what has helped her to get through all the storms of her life.

As for Crown Princess Mary, I am interested how she does manages to combine being a mother-of-four and her role as future queen, and where to meet such man like her husband, with whom you would want to raise even more than four children and whose glance at you has not lost this love twinkle after all these years when he looks at you.

And where would you like to meet?

I would love to have a 5 o’clock tea at Balmoral castle with Her Majesty. But sincerely speaking I would meet her anywhere.

The same is with Crown Princess Mary, maybe going to Legoland with her and her children would be a wonderful idea. I would love to know her favourite places in Denmark and her homeland Australia.

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