My Books

I have been writing the texts for:

Rübsamen, Bernard, 10 Jaar Koningspaar, Emst, 2023.

Rübsamen, Bernard, 5 Jaar Koningshuis, Soesterberg, 2018.

I have also contributed to Sveriges Adelskalender, Danmarks Adels Aarbog and the Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels.


Over the years I have been in touch with many royalty authors and journalists, some of them I met in person. I was quite proud to be mentioned in the following publications:

Beéche, Arturo E., The Coburgs of Europe. The Rise and Fall of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s European Family, East Richmond Heights, 2013.

Chen, Szu-Yu, Self/Other’s Delftware: An Analysis of Blue and White Ceramics and Their Collecting in England and The Netherlands In the Nineteenth Century (1868-1901) (Master thesis), 2020

Dotson, Samuel C., Genealogie des Fürstlichen Hauses Liechtenstein seit Hartmann II. (1544-1585), Falköping 2003.

Eilers, Marlene A., Queen Victoria’s Descendants. Companion Volume, Falköping, 2004.

Goddyn, Reinout, De kinderen van de koning. Alle erfgenamen van Leopold I, Antwerpen/Vianen, 2002.

Hall, Coryne, Princesses on the Wards: Royal Women in Nursing through Wars and Revolutions, Stroud, 2014.

Hall, Coryne, To Free the Romanovs. Royal Kinship and Betrayal in Europe, 1917-1919, 2018

Korstanje, Maximiliano and Hugues Séraphin, Tourism, Terrorism and Security: Tourism, Security, Safety and Post Conflict Destinations, 2020

Pollock, Kassandra and Sabrina, and Arturo E. Béeche, The Nassaus of Luxembourg, East Richmond Heights, 2014.

Ragas, Sophie, Ontdek snel: Het nieuwe koningshuis. Alles over de troonswisseling, Culemborg, 2013 (E-book).

Rosvall, Ted, Bernadotte-ättlingar, Falköping, 2010.

Tom, Emma, Something about Mary. From girl about town to Crown Princess, Melbourne, 2005.

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