Two New Royal Peppermint Tins

On the occasion of King’s Day 2018 Fortuin Dockum B.V. has issued two new royal peppermint tins. I must admit I do like previous designs much better. See my article 125 Years Wilhelmina Peppermints – A Collector’s Item 

On the website of the Kruidvat the tin with King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima on it costs € 2,99. Some people say it is already in the store, but I haven’t seen it yet, not that I have done a lot of shopping recently. Take your chance when you’re around. The tin is nice and the peppermints are absolutely delicious.

The one with Queen Wilhelmina on it is among others available at the COOP Supermarket.

Update! Some friends of mine have been so kind to buy them for me. So now I just have to wait until I get them. Thanks so much!

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