Harry & Meghan: Royal Wedding Souvenirs

Work and health were two of the reasons why I didn’t travel to Windsor for the wedding of Prince Harry of Wales and Meghan Markle. But a week ago I got this lovely package from my Finnish friend Kaija, who went herself. I was absolutely thrilled to receive it. I had so much fun opening it and have a look at all the things inside. Just a pity I didn’t have the bunting yet at the time of the wedding, so I could have decorated my house with it.

What was in it?

  • The Woman’s Weekly Royal Baby Collector’s Edition.
  • OK! dated 29 May 2018 about the royal wedding.
  • The Mail on Sunday from 20 May 2018.
  • Commemorative Royal Wedding Bunting.
  • A royal wedding tea towel.
  • Souvenir Programme: The wedding of Harry & Meghan.

2 thoughts on “Harry & Meghan: Royal Wedding Souvenirs

  1. I’m in Canada and didn’t go. A few weeks later I volunteered at Niagara Falls Comic Con. One booth in the whole huge convention centre had 3 packs of Harry and Meghan playing cards so I bought one.

  2. How wonderful having such a friend, who is thinking of you and has made you so happy!

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