My Most Surprising Royal Photo

When trying to put some order in the huge amount of photos I have taken in the past 20 years or so, I came across this pre-digital photo. It is probably the most surprising royal photo I have ever taken. I think it was Sunday 10 August 2003, one day after I had enjoyed the wedding of Duchess Fleur von Württemberg and Count Moritz von Goëss in Altshausen. I decided to visit Salem Palace & Monastery. After having arrived at the railway station there was no bus in sight. Despite of the heath I decided to walk, a lovely and quiet walk through the fields.

I was finally nearing the palace when I looked aside and saw a man looking over the garden wall. We greeted each other, I looked again, and saw it was Max, the Margrave von Baden. I had seen him at the wedding in Altshausen already, not that he would have noticed me. So we talked a bit and I asked him if I could take his picture. He didn’t mind and this is the result. Then I continued walking to visit the palace and he started gardening again.

After having returned home I actually sent him the picture with a short letter for Christmas, thanking him for posing. And I received a card with a short personal text back.

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