New royal postcards (2)

My collection of royal postcards is nice, but not really big. Recently I received some new royalty related postcards, either via my mother or sent to me by friends. Some of them might already be in my collection, but it is lovely to have them.

I am not quite sure about the photo on top of the first picture I took of my new possessions. It looks like some young Dutch princesses (Irene and Beatrix?) on Prince’s Day in the Creme Calèche. On the right of it a postcard of Tsarina Catherine the Great, and below it Queen Wilhelmina and Prince Hendrik of the Netherlands with their daughter Princess Juliana. The bottom row shows Queen Emma, Queen Wilhelmina and the later Queen Juliana.

My next photo shows on top two cards of the wedding of Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard in 1937. On the left (bottom) is the later Queen Beatrix with the present King Willem-Alexander. The other cards on the right are from the funeral of Queen Wilhelmina (my guess) and one of the flowers at the entrance family vault in the New Church in Delft after the funeral.

Rather new is the lovely family photo of the Danish crown princely family a friend sent me. Below it is an old photocard of the monument for Empress Elisabeth “Sisi” of Austria in Territet, Switzerland. On the right of the photo are old postcards of the Royal Palace in Amsterdam and Palace Huis ten Bosch in The Hague, Netherlands.


One thought on “New royal postcards (2)

  1. Nice to see my postcards, I bought about a week ago. Glad to know, you are enjoying it. So do I !!! M

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