Royal jigsaw puzzles

These days I see several people on my timeline that have started making jigsaw puzzles. Some even have royal ones from the Netherlands or the UK. I can’t even remember the last time I really made jigsaw puzzles. It might have been 2001 when I bought one with the engagement photo of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands on it.

However in the week of King’s Day they had two amazing ones – 1,000 pieces – at the Lidl supermarket here in the Netherlands. I really couldn’t resist buying both of them, as they were even only 5 Euro each. The family photo took me four days, the other one turned out to be more difficult with lots of grey shades. But in the end I managed. Here is the result.

Two more old royal jigsaw puzzles to go.

2 thoughts on “Royal jigsaw puzzles

  1. Well done, Netty. I never did get aound to buying a puzzle. The local bookshop had delivery if the puzzle was over $25. Not much left worth $25!

  2. They are so nice, and look like party sheet cakes when finished! Well done! 👍😊

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