You’ve got royal mail (5)

Some people already had the card a few days before me, but on Saturday I finally found my card in my letterbox. A lovely thank you card from Princess Elisabeth of Belgium, the Duchess of Brabant, who on 25 October celebrated her 18th birthday. She is the first of her generation to reach this age. The Belgian royal court is rather quick in sending the card, that is folded in four parts. Two parts contain photos of Elisabeth that were released in October. The front shows Elisabeth’s monogram. And there is one more page with thanks and her name in the three languages of Belgium: Dutch, French and German. In the middle is Elisabeth’s signature.

I think it is a lovely addition to my collection of royal mail.

3 thoughts on “You’ve got royal mail (5)

  1. Lovely! I also received this great thank-you card last Friday, and I was so happy!! The Royal Family of Belgium always send cards with photos, just like the Norwegians.
    I always send (selfmade) cards to Princess Ingrid Alexandra and Prince Sverre Magnus, and I always receive thank you letters. For the Princess they always send beautiful photos as well. I sent a gift for her Confirmation in August and got a lovely photo of her in her beautiful “bunad” (folk costume)! I know the Dutch usually don’t send photos for birthdays, but this year I think I will send a card for Princess Amalia’s 16th birthday.
    Do you send Cards to Norway? Or do you have less interesst in them? Prince Sverre Magnus is celebrating his 14th birthday on Dec. 3rd. I’m not sure they send photos abroad though, but I think so.

    1. It has been quite a while since I wrote to Norway, as most of the time I only got boring notes I think. I don’t do birthdays very often, but 18 is a special age, and the Belgians usually send very nice cards.

  2. Hello and thank you for your answer. 🙂 I understand, I’ve sent cards to Sweden and Denmark, and from the first I have only received cards with photo for weddings, and no reply at all for birthdays. From Denmark I’ve never heard anything. So I don’t bother anymore. However, you should try sending a card to Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s 16th birthday on Jan. 21st. Maybe you will get a reply with photo? I’ve always got that since her first birthday. Good luck!

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