My Areas of Interest

Laeken, Brussels, Belgium


I have always enjoyed writing. Already at secondary school I worked for the school newspaper. Since 2000 I have regularly been working as a freelance royalty journalist.

I wrote a monthly column, as well as a few articles, for the Dutch royal magazine “Vorsten Royale” in 2000/2001. Over the years I have also written articles for the “European Royal History Journal” and “Royalty Digest Quarterly”.

Since April 2004 I have been working as a freelancer for the Danish photo agency “dana press photo a/s” in Vejle, Denmark.


My mother tongue is Dutch. However, I have also written articles in German and English, and I do speak and understand both languages fairly well.

I can also read and understand the Frisian language, but I am not used to speaking it.

My main areas of interest

  • Daily news about present-day royals from all over the world
  • Covering royal events
  • Royal and noble genealogy
  • Royal and noble weddings. I have covered most big and some smaller royal weddings since 2001
  • Royalty related exhibitions
  • Visiting castles and palaces
  • Travel

What I can offer you

  • Research Fact-checking
  • Correction of information on websites, in articles, stories, and other writings
  • Supplying genealogical information on noble and royal families
  • Writing articles
  • Attending and reporting on royal events
  • Giving lectures

Television and Radio

I was a guest discussing Dutch royalty on a program at the regional TV-channel “Omrop Frysl├ón” on Dutch royalty several years ago. In January 2009 I was a guest on a program at the regional television- and radiochannel “RTV Drenthe” to talk about my royal hobby. I also gave a short interview to “RTV Drenthe” by phone on Queen’s Day, 30 April 2009. They called me quite soon after the attack on the royal family, while I was still standing very close to the site of the incident. I am still surprised how calm I sounded when reporting about what I saw around me.

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