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Over the years many stories about me or my site have appeared in the media. Newspapers, magazines, in more recent years most of it appeared online. There might be more, but some of it might have disappeared in the huge piles of paper here at home.


In July 2014 I did an interview with the ladies of Luxarazzi about my hobby and royal events.

In February 2017 I spoke with Svenja of Castleholics about my hobby and of course castles.


It all started with an article in the regional newspaper “Leeuwarder Courant” in 1996, written by a friend of mine who was a trainee there. It was about my trip with my friend Henri to Nassau, Germany. Just over two years later I started my website with Henri’s help.

From the time that I still had a fan blog for Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. On 31 May 2000 that page was mentioned in an article in The Times called “A Pin-Up Among Digital Princes. I am called a “loyal (female) subject” (not that I am Danish), and it is written that it is “an adoring (unofficial) website which has turned him into the pin-up prince”.

The Swiss “Sonntagszeitung” of 24 June 2001 about monarchies and says: “The Dutch lady Netty Nynke Leistra doesn’t let the scandals in the media influence her passion for blue blood.” And I apparently said that the media exaggerates stories, and that most of my free time is spent on the royals (it still is). I also appear to have said that I wondered how one can question the monarchy and from one day to another could say “goodbye” to them.

According to the Belgian magazine “Humo” on 6 November 2001 my site is less ambitious than another one, but surely worth a visit. And my small piece on Belgium is worth a look, as well as the most eligible princes and princesses sites.

A friend of mine wrote a piece about the official royal websites for the Norwegian newspaper “VG” on 28 July 2003. At the end he was so kind to mention his own and my website as sources for more royal links.

I was already in London for the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge when I recieved an interview request from the Dutch (free) newspaper “Spits”. The small interview appeared in the newspaper on the wedding day, 29 April 2011.


The Swedish computer magazine “Komputer for Alla” mentioned the website in issue nr. 8 of 2003. Several websites mentioned do still exist.

In issue 3/2004 of the Dutch computer magazine “PCplus”, that was published just before that year’s Queen’s Day, there was an article about “Royalty on the Internet”. My site is called one of the nicest and most extensive fan site. And I talked a little about royal weddings and websites.

It was the front page story of the Swedish magazine “Svensk Damtidning” of 22 November 2007: an article about the world’s most wonderful princesses, according to royalty journalists. I was honoured to be asked to give my view. I mainly remember that my choices were quite different from those of my colleagues.

April 2020 an interview with me appeared in the magazine “Meine Hauptstadtpflege” of “Vivantes Hauptstadtpflege”, with the theme “Faszination Königshäuser”.

Blog mentionings

January 2016 the Nordwest-Zeitung mentioned my blog in their article “Liegt Adolf von Nassau im Heizungskeller?” by Klaus Fricke.

April 2018 Royal Central asked for my opinion on the Moroccan Princess Lalla Salma.

April 2018 my name was mentioned in the book review of “5 jaar koningspaar” by Beau Monde.

March 2019 my name was suddenly all over the place when I mentioned on Twitter I had seen Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis of Cambridge when visiting the Kensington Palace area, like here in the magazine Hello.

February 2021 I spoke with Adelswelt about the vacation of the Dutch royals to Greece despite of the Covid-19 pandemic. I also gave my opinion about the subject whether the daughters of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima could become influencer on social media one day, if it is OK for Countess Eloise to become an influencer on Instagram and discussed the apanage of the Princess of Orange.

October 2021 the magazine Beau Monde mentioned me as a source for the information in their article about the Russian imperial wedding.

January 2022 the blog Adel in Nederland mentioned my article about the bridal staff of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands in 1937.

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