I have been writing the texts for:

Rübsamen, Bernard, 5 Jaar Koningshuis, Soesterberg, 2018.

I have also contributed to Sveriges Adelskalender and the Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels.


Over the years I have been in touch with many royalty authors and journalists, some of them I met in person. I was quite proud to be mentioned in the following publications:

Beéche, Arturo E., The Coburgs of Europe. The Rise and Fall of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s European Family, East Richmond Heights, 2013.

Dotson, Samuel C., Genealogie des Fürstlichen Hauses Liechtenstein seit Hartmann II. (1544-1585), Falköping 2003.

Eilers, Marlene A., Queen Victoria’s Descendants. Companion Volume, Falköping, 2004.

Goddyn, Reinout, De kinderen van de koning. Alle erfgenamen van Leopold I, Antwerpen/Vianen, 2002.

Hall, Coryne, Princesses on the Wards: Royal Women in Nursing through Wars and Revolutions, Stroud, 2014.

Pollock, Kassandra and Sabrina, and Arturo E. Béeche, The Nassaus of Luxembourg, East Richmond Heights, 2014.

Ragas, Sophie, Ontdek snel: Het nieuwe koningshuis. Alles over de troonswisseling, Culemborg, 2013 (E-book).

Rosvall, Ted, Bernadotte-ättlingar, Falköping, 2010.

Tom, Emma, Something about Mary. From girl about town to Crown Princess, Melbourne, 2005.

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