Prince of Monaco visits The Netherlands

Some weeks ago it was announced that Reigning Prince Albert II of Monaco and his wife Princess Charlène were pay an official visit to the Netherlands on 3 June. While Albert was going to speak with the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the presidents of the first and second Chamber, Charlène was to visit the Ronald McDonald Centre and the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, and to see something of Amsterdam during lunch on a canal boat. Queen Máxima was to accompany her. Late in the afternoon of 30 May however the Princely Court of Monaco announced that Charlène is pregnant. Lovely news for the couple of course, but the next day it turned out that she therefore had to cancel her visit to the Netherlands. And thus also Máxima was unfortunately no longer part of most of the programme.  Thus Albert arrived all alone in the Netherlands. He spoke with politicians and business people from Monaco and the Netherlands, and was to visit a few Dutch companies on 4 June also.

In the afternoon he travelled to Apeldoorn, together with King Willem-Alexander, for the opening of the exhibition “Grace Kelly, Princess and Style Icon” at Palace Het Loo. They arrived shortly before 4.30pm, waved to the public, chatted a bit with each other. A member of the public had some presents for him, already for the baby, but it took a while before they understood. But then Albert, all smiles, walked to the public to accept the present. Soon afterwards they disappeared into the side wing of the palace, where Albert opened the exhibition. King and Prince left around 6pm.

In the evening King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima, in a gorgeous green dress, were the first to arrive for dinner at the palace. They were accompanied by Princess Beatrix. Lovely evening dresses and glittering jewels. Around 8pm also Prince Albert arrived. He was greeted by the royal couple. After giving her a hug and kisses, Albert gave Máxima a handkiss also. Among the guests were also Dutch fashion designers Viktor & Rolf by the way.

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