Royalty Watching – You can’t always be Lucky!

Unfortunately you can’t always have luck as a royalty watcher. Last week I was in London. Of course most royals stayed far away from me that week. Lots of excitement on Thursday 4 May, as Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, announced he is to retire at 96! Well deserved I’d say. He has done his duty and more than that. Later that day he and Queen Elizabeth II were at a service at the chapel of St James’s Palace, but I was already warned there was likely nothing to see. So in the end I didn’t go. I passed Buckingham Palace in the late afternoon, seeing lots of tv-crews standing opposite the road near Green Park to report about Prince Philip’s retirement.

But would I have a new chance to see Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall, at the BBC Radio 2 studios on Friday morning 5 May? But no, I was not very lucky. Oh yes, I did see her. but nothing but the upper part of her head and then her passing the photographers and fans. And don’t think any of these fans came for her! They were all waiting for actor Ray Winstone and singer Debbie Harry (Blondie), armed with huge pictures and books for them to sign. I can tell you, they went totally mad when Ray Winstone – I had never heard of him, but it seems he is famous – left the building. And I must say that he patiently kept on signing, well protected by some bodyguards.

In the meantime Debbie Harry arrived via the side entrance – I don’t blame her. And, oh yes, I also did see actress Jessica Chastain, also well protected by bodyguards. Saw a part of her head and red hair, but had to ask who she was. Wouldn’t have thought seeing her there. Clearly BBC is a very popular place to spot famous people. Unfortunately I had to get back to the hotel to check out of my room, and didn’t think it was worth waiting for Camilla to leave two hours later.

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