The Prince of Orange in Groningen

Last Thursday The Prince of Orange likely paid his last visit to the Province of Groningen before becoming King of the Netherlands. Only one of the engagements on Thursday was announced beforehand.

In the morning the Prince of Orange started at Stadskanaal where he visited the youth centre Jimmy’s. Young people actually help other young people in this initiative that is receiving help from the Orange Fund.

In Dorkwerd the Prince met up with nine inhabitants of Loppersum and Eemsmond about their sorrows about a series of recent earthquakes in the area, because of the gas-production in that area.

At the Zernike Complex in Groningen the Prince then visited the Energy Transition Centre (EnTranCe).

Only the last visit, the opening of the new building of GasTerra in the centre of Groningen, had been announced beforehand. Highly interesting to see what became of the previously somewhat boring ABN AMRO bank building. Totally restyled on the inside and outside and has been made “green” with solar panels, Led-lights and other energy-saving measures. When standing in the hall you can look up and see several floors, all in bright yellow.

Prince Willem-Alexander arrived a bit later than expected. He was directly brought to the first floor. While several people held their speeches, guests looked down from all floors to catch a glimpse of what was happening. After the speeches the Prince was invited to press the button in front of him. At first it seemed nothing happened, but then someone started singing the anthem of the Province of Groningen. Although she was lifted up to a height of twenty metres, she astonishing managed to keep on singing without problems. Only somewhat later I found out the singer in the big black dress was Ellen ten Damme, quite known in the Netherlands (and Germany).

The Prince continued his visit and had a look at the computers. After a reception he left the building at the back of the building.

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