Willem-Alexander & Máxima visit the Dutch provinces (2)

On 14 June 2013 King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands visited the Dutch provinces Friesland and Noord-Holland. It was the fourth day of the tour through the twelve provinces of the Netherlands.It is a tradition that a new King and Queen visit the Dutch provinces. A visit to the Caribean part of the country will follow in November.

Although it was somewhat windy, the sun was shining, and the people were all in festive mood. I hope the royal couple like me enjoyed beautiful Friesland and looked outside from time to time when they were driven from place to place in the royal bus. Even in the press bus we sometimes noticed people on the side of the road already waiting to see their King and Queen.

The King and Queen were received at the Province House in the capital of Friesland Leeuwarden. Afterwards they made a short ride in a lovely carriage to a nearby square for the other part of their Leeuwarden-visit. From Leeuwarden they went to the village of Akkrum where they were received by legendary giants and almost the whole village population. Local sports were demonstrated, which were quite fun to watch.

Another carriage ride took place in Joure, where they were transported through the main street. At the end children waited for them and were singing. The royal couple didn’t stop waving and smiling.

The last stop was the little town of Stavoren, where Willem-Alexander and Máxima were to take the boat to Enkhuizen in Noord-Holland. But first they were walking for a short while, shaking hands, receiving gifts, more smiling and waving. Finally they had reached the boat and went on board. From the deck they kept on waving until there was nobody to be seen anymore. For more pictures by me see my Flickr account.

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