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Titles: Prince(ss) of Orange © RVD – Frank Ruiter 2021
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Titles: Prince(ss) of Orange

On 30 April 2013 the eldest daughter of the new King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, Catharina-Amalia, became the first Princess of Orange in her own right in modern times. The title is however much older. Origine Orange (Principauté d’Orange) was a principality in what is nowadays part of the Departement of Vaucluse, Provence, in the […]

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300 Years Principality of Liechtenstein Copyright: Martin Walser/Liechtenstein Marketing
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300 Years Principality of Liechtenstein

On 23 January 1719 a tiny country was born. The state survived and 300 years later is still one of the few monarchies left in the world. Throughout the year (see their anniversary website) there will be a range of events. People are warmly invited to discover Liechtensteins history and natural scenery in person. Early […]

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