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What to see in Liechtenstein? Vaduz Winery
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What to see in Liechtenstein?

More than 15 years ago I travelled to Liechtenstein to enjoy their national day, Staatsfeiertag, on 15 August 2003. It was a good opportunity to have a look around. I just spent enough days there to enjoy the national day and a few tourist attractions. I would love to go back and have another look […]

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The Liechtenstein vault in Vaduz
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The Liechtenstein vault in Vaduz

Once a year, the princely vault south of the St. Florin Church/Cathedral in Vaduz is open to the public. That is on “Allerheiligen” (All Saints’ Day, 1 November). It is not allowed to take pictures there or record videos, unless you have permission. Otherwise you can only see it from the outside. Until after World […]

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15 August – National Day in Liechtenstein Photo by Arjan
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15 August – National Day in Liechtenstein

Why does Liechtenstein celebrate its Staatsfeiertag (national day) on 15 August? The Assumption of Mary, on 15 August, has always been a feast day and also in Liechtenstein, a Catholic country, people had the day off. Fürst (Prince) Franz Joseph II had taken over the throne from his uncle Fürst Franz I in 1938. In […]

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Two Celebrations in Liechtenstein Photo by Arjan
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Two Celebrations in Liechtenstein

On 15 August the Principality of Liechtenstein celebrates its national day, Staatsfeiertag, for the 77th time. Some unfortunate but understandable changes this year. More about that later. However already yesterday, 30 July, there was something to celebrate. Fürst Hans Adam II and Fürstin Marie von und zu Liechtenstein celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. At the […]

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