If there is one thing I love, it is travelling. Not every day, not every week, but there is hardly a month that I don’t go somewhere. Of course in Spring and especially in Summer that is much easier and nicer than in Autumn or Winter when it is often cold and wet. Unfortunately travelling is also expensive, so I don’t always manage to do everything I’d love to do. I also do have somewhat of a life next to following the royals, although it is not too much. The good thing about royalty watching that it takes you all over the world (Europe mainly in my case), to places you otherwise might never have gone to.

The advantage of living in Europe is that you’re relatively close to lots of other countries. Living in the north east of the Netherlands in one hour I can get to the German border by train. What I love are gardens, museums, castles, palaces, churches or even cemeteries. Occasionally there are also lectures about royals. And my feeling is that there are more royal exhibitions than ever before, some more interesting than others. I try to keep up with royal exhibitions here.