An 80th birthday wish for Queen Margrethe II

If everything had gone according to plan I would have travelled to Copenhagen, Denmark, on 12 April to celebrate the 80th birthday of Queen Margrethe II, and return home on 17 April. Unfortunately there are no celebrations, everything has been cancelled, which is totally understandable.

A Dane started a great initiative: “Danmark synger for dronningen” (Denmark sings for the Queen). At noon today (local time) the Danes participating will sing four songs for her from their homes, their gardens, their balconies, or whereever they are. It has become a much bigger project than the initiator probably thought, and I hope that many people will participate to celebrate their beloved Queen in an alternative way.

I do not know the songs, and I could sing “Happy Birthday” or the Dutch equivalent. But I am not much of a singer, so I better save your ears. Instead I decided to record a short birthday wish with my camera.

One thought on “An 80th birthday wish for Queen Margrethe II

  1. A very nice message, Netty. Too bad the covid19 spoiled the Queen’s birthday and your lovely plan to attend the celebrations in Denmark.

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