Dinner at the Rijksmuseum

And what about the 29th of April you’d say when the royals had dinner at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam? Well, a friend and I simply arrived too late – which was our own fault – and found a spot behind other people. We just missed Queen Beatrix, the Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima of the Netherlands. I saw a glimpse of Princess Mabel disappearing in the entrance. And then we had to wait for a while before finally the royal bus with royal guests arrived. I must admit I forgot to make photos immediately. Turned out the first good glimpse behind the windows of the bus – the Prince and Princess of Asturias, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan – was also the last one. The bus stopped at the entrance of the gate and they all left the bus on the other side. So nobody saw something anymore, apart from a few guests that were in a smaller bus behind the big one and had to walk a bit. As I only saw the back – think they were Asian – I couldn’t recognise them. And of course the bus didn’t go away until they all were gone. Think on my picture of the bus it is Crown Prince Naruhito getting out, but even in bigger size it is hard to tell. When we finally could look at the gate again, all we could see was the photographers at the end packing their belongings.

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