Preview – King’s Day in Groningen (1)

On 27 April the Dutch royal family will celebrate King’s Day in the city of Groningen, where I live. I am not sure yet whether I can be there, because of my health, but I’ll do my best. This morning the weather was lovely, so I decided to go into town to walk the route of the royals and take some pictures. You will find several tiny reports on this blog during the following weeks. Here is the route the royals will take.

There aren’t that much signs yet in the city that something big will happen within 20 days. On Thursday it seems the municipality has started removing things like benches, stones, traffic signs, bike racks and other stuff that is in the way and might harm the safety of both the royals or the public.

Nothing to do with King’s Day I expect, but I noticed there are quite a lot of orange bicycles with blue tires in the city nowadays. And on the photo on the right you see the King’s Day sign that can be seen on part of the city busses.

Surprisingly I did find some souvenirs already. Orange shirts and sweaters with a white crown on it. The sweater costs € 29,95, the t-shirt € 14,95. I am just not sure if there is anything else on them but a crown. The University Shop along the King’s Day route is selling them. They even had a funny royal shop window, complete with tiara and shoes.

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