Quick Glance at Royal Apeldoorn

Often I walk from the railway station of Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, to Palace Het Loo. Normally a walk of about half an hour I’d say. I don’t have a car, nor do I have a driving-licence, so I usually travel by train and/or bus. On Saturday morning I had more than enough time to take some pictures on the way.

On the left the lovely statue of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands in front of the “Grote Kerk” (Grand Church) or “Koninginnekerk” (Queen’s Church). The first stone of this church was laid by the 10-year-old Wilhelmina on 16 April 1891. Together with her mother Queen Emma she also attended the first service on 25 September 1892. Until her death in 1962 Wilhelmina regularly attended services here. In 1998 Prince Maurits van Oranje-Nassau, van Vollenhoven married Marilène van den Broek in this church – my very first royal wedding.

The house is called “Het Kleine Loo” and is situated not far from the entrance of Het Loo Palace next to the monument “De Naald” (The Needle). The Needle is a 17-meter-high obelisk-shaped stone monument, intended as a gift from the people of Apeldoorn to Queen Wilhelmina and Prince Hendrik on the occasion of their marriage in 1901. It was dedicated in March 1901, shortly after their marriage. The two plates however show Wilhelmina’s parents King Willem III and Queen Emma. The translation of the Dutch text reads: “Founded by the Residents of the Municipality of Apeldoorn as a grateful tribute to the serene parents of Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina”. The man who on 30 April 2009 tried to attack the Dutch royal family and killed several bystanders, drove into this monument and died hours afterwards.

The other picture shows the small statue of Queen Wilhelmina that is on your left when you leave the ticket office of Palace Het Loo.

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