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Masks, Nobel and Christmas photos Photo & Copyright: Kensington Palace
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Masks, Nobel and Christmas photos

Sorry to let my frustrations go … but honestly, I find royalty watching during the Covid-19 pandemic sometimes rather depressing. It is kind of a double feeling. On one hand one wants the royals to adapt their lives just like everybody else does. Their exemplary role probably even makes them stick to the rules more […]

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Royal News September 2021 Copyright: Imperial Household Agency
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Royal News September 2021

Last modified: 2 October 2021 1 September The Duchess of Cornwall shared her recipe for Victoria sponge cake. Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway has returned to school her father Crown Prince Haakon has confirmed. She tested positive for Covid-19 on 22 August. It is reported that Princess Mako of Akishino (Japan) and her fiancĂ© Kei […]

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