Thursday, June 17, 2021

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The Duke of Edinburgh – A birthday, a wedding and two funerals

22 % of the British people seem to have seen or met the late Duke of Edinburgh in person. I am certain also many foreigners following the royals can say the same. Not that I have special memories, but I have seen him more often than his wife Queen Elizabeth II, that’s for sure. I […]

Forever To Read List

I really wished I would have more time. As many people I know, who love reading, I have an endless must-read list, and it is getting rather longer than shorter. You’d think with the corona crisis I would have more time, as I travel less, there is somewhat less work, but on the contrary. I […]


Royal News June 2021

Last modified: 14 June 2021 1 June King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands has confirmed that he has received his first Covid-19 vaccine. A few days ago Scarlett-Lauren Sirgue, the fiancée of Prince Louis of Luxembourg, launched her first fashion collection under the name “Scarly”. Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta died at the San Donato Hospital […]

Royal News May 2021

Last modified: 13 June 2021 1 May A poll conducted by Kyodo News in March and April shows that about 80 percent of the respondents would accept both a reigning empress and an emperor descending from a female member of the imperial family. The survey also showed 67 percent were opposed to the idea of […]


Current and future exhibitions

Last updated: 14 June 2021 This list contains temporarily noble and royal exhibitions all over the world. If you hear about an exhibition that is not yet listed, let me know. Unfortunately because of Covid-19 it isn’t easy at the moment to travel. Many museums might be closed, some have reopened or will soon reopen […]

Haute Bordure at the Fries Museum

The museum will finally be allowed to open its doors on 5 June 2021! Luckily the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, despite of Covid-19 could receive media who want to report about the collection. I managed to make an appointment for Friday 2 April 2021 to see their newest exhibition “Haute Bordure“. Whether you’re […]

Media & Co.

Online lectures and webinars

At this moment you see an increase of online lectures and webinars via Zoom or YouTube. On one hand that is sad, that we can’t gather in person. On the other hand it is wonderful for people who couldn’t make it anyway or who are even living abroad. There is a wide range of events, […]

Royal podcasts

Sometimes the developments on the Internet are going far too quickly. As I had a nice website it took me a while to open my own blog. When I go somewhere I still forget to create videos. And what the heck are these popular things called podcasts? I just had to search to find out […]


No King’s Day without a tompouce

At least that is what most Dutch people say. As also this King’s Day will mainly be a digital one, most people will sit at home and enjoy a tompouce I guess. Personally I could do without it. I love nearly all cakes, but tompouce or choux pastry (profiteroles or big versions with lots and […]

A huge step: becoming royal

When planning to marry a royal, it should be made clear: the royal world is totally different from the one of celebrities. Getting married is already something to take very seriously: is this person the right partner, can your lifes be combined, where should you live, what concessions do you have to make. A royal […]

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