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Christmas Mail 2020

As usual I sent a bunch of Christmas cards to royals – reigning and non-reigning – all over Europe. It is always exciting to see whether people send back cards and what you get back. Several corona-related cards this year complete with “virus” and face masks. I am sure more cards will follow in the […]

The year 2020 of NettyRoyal

The year 2020 hasn’t been as good as we’d all hoped for. No big royal events, no big travels. There were however several births, christenings, engagements and weddings, and unfortunately also a few deaths. Most sensational things that happened in the past year must surely have been the exit of the Duke and Duchess of […]


Collection: Royal births

17 January 2021: Births 2020 17 January 2021: Births 2019 17 January 2021: Births 2018 24 October 2020: Births 2017 17 January 2021: Births 2016 17 January 2021: Births 2015 7 December 2019: Births 2014 6 June 2019: Births 2013 17 April 2017: Births 2012 30 June 2018: Births 2011 7 December 2019: Births 2010 […]

Royal News January 2021

Last modified: 10 January 2021 1 January In his New Year’s speech, recorded on video because of Covid-19, Emperor Naruhito of Japan thanked medical staff involved in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. He also sent his condolences to people who have lost family and friends to the virus in Japan and across the world. […]


Current and future exhibitions

Last updated: 10 November 2020 This list contains temporarily noble and royal exhibitions all over the world. If you hear about an exhibition that is not yet listed, let me know. Unfortunately because of Covid-19 it isn’t easy at the moment to travel. Many museums might be closed, some have reopened or will soon reopen […]

Queen Margrethe’s 80th birthday exhibition

Also for Queen Margrethe II of Denmark the year of her 80th birthday didn’t exactly go as planned. No big celebrations, and several other events were either postponed or cancelled. While her birthday was already on April 16, only two months later, on June 16, she could open the birthday exhibition “The Faces of the […]

Media & Co.

Royal Calendars 2021

The wall next to my computer this year is decorated with a royal calendar. When you’re looking for it, there are several ones available, although it might vary per year. I bought mine from photographer Albert Nieboer from Royal Press Europe, who has done a great job, and created a calendar with lovely photos. There […]

Collection: New royal and noble books

2021 18 January 2021 New royal and noble books – January 2021 21 January 2021 New royal and noble books – February 2021 15 December 2020 New royal and noble books – March 2021 17 January 2021 New royal and noble books – April 2021 2020 New royal and noble books – January 2020 New […]


Royal recipes (2)

Royal cooking is a welcome subject for many people. There are several cookbooks with royal recipes, and even some royals wrote one themselves, or cooperated. Many royals love to cook themselves. Adriansen, Inge, Britta Andersen, Marie Aaberg Andersen, Bodil Møller Knudsen (ed.): Fyrstelige Måltider (Princely Meals) (Gammel Estrup, 2018) Ali, Meera and Karam Puri: Dining […]

How The Royals Helped Starting a Christmas Tradition

During the Christmas time many people enjoy having a Christmas tree (in German: Weihnachtsbaum) – either a real or an artificial one – in the house, me included. It is strange to imagine a house at Christmas time without a tree full of the most beautiful ornaments. But where does this tradition come from and […]

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