Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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German postcards added to my collection

There is little space left in my house for my royal collection. However postcards are always good. A friend of mine last week sold 24 postcards of the Imperial Family of Germany. I didn’t hesitate and received them this weekend. They are absolutely lovely and I didn’t have any of them yet. They are either […]

A cute birthday present

Already this weekend I celebrated my birthday a bit. I turned 48 (!) today, 13 September. I got a few cards, some chocolate and money. My sister came with the cutest present: a pet portrait. She said she had bought it on Ali Express: a pet portrait poster. She used a picture of my cat […]


A splendid princely wedding in Bückeburg

All of the sudden it is royal wedding time. In September and October 2021 a lot of couples got or are getting married. Some are already married and now hold their parties, others only got married civilly and now had their religious wedding including party. The amount of guests is still somewhat restricted, but a […]

Wind meets Gas – Willem-Alexander in Groningen

The opening of the Frida Kahlo exhibition in the afternoon of 7 October in Assen by Queen Máxima of the Netherlands would surely have been a more exciting engagement. But with a busy weekend coming, I decided not to go. In the early morning King Willem-Alexander also travelled north, and as the Martini Church in […]


Bückeburg – Castle in the fog

At the start of a wonderful wedding day in Bückeburg, Germany on Saturday – a report with lots of photos will follow – I enjoyed a morning stroll in the park and on the palace square of Bückeburg Palace, residence of the princely family zu Schaumburg-Lippe. It was still pretty cold and foggy, which especially […]

The wedding dress of Queen Máxima

Now the covid-19 pandemic seems to have come to an halt (at least for now), also new exhibitions are being opened. In the past two weeks I visited no less than three exhibitions. Two were in Amsterdam, one in Leeuwarden, all here in the Netherlands. It was a real joy being able to travel and […]

Media & Co.

New royal and noble books – September 2021

For more new books about royalty see: History of Royal Women Rosvall Royal Books Royal Book News The World of Royalty Van Hoogstraten Online AUSTRIA Author: Nancy Goldstone. Title: In the Shadow of the Empress. The defiant lives of Maria Theresa, mother of Marie Antoinette, and her daughters. Publication: 21 September 2021 by Little, Brown […]

Collection: New royal and noble books

2021 10 August 2021 New royal and noble books – January 2021 18 February 2021 New royal and noble books – February 2021 13 May 2021 New royal and noble books – March 2021 13 May 2021 New royal and noble books – April 2021 29 August 2021: New royal and noble books – May […]


Schaumburg-Lippe: wedding present request

https://www.gofundme.com/f/sabine-is-dying-please-help-her-child A request by Fürst Alexander and Fürstin Mahkameh zu Schaumburg-Lippe to anyone who wants to help. There is not much time to raise the money necessary anymore. This was posted both on social media and elsewhere: On the occasion of our wedding on October 9, 2021, we sent the following fundraising appeal to all […]

Royals opening the Olympic Games

The first modern Olympic Games took place in 1896 in Athens, Greece. A winter edition started being organised 1924. Every four years the games would be organized somewhere in the world. Since 1994 the winter games take place in between the summer games. The Summer Paralympic Games take place since 1960, the Winter Paralympic Games […]