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Paul Theroff, An Online Gotha

Netty Leistra has been for many years a leading expert on the members of today’s Royal Houses, their ancestry and background, and their current activities. She covers current royal events as a reporter and the information she posts on her own website and on other forums has been a valuable resource. She is also a […]

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Stefan Blatt, BUNTE

Netty Leistra is a well known and very respected researcher on reigning and formerly reigning “Royal Houses”. Her website is a great source for sophisticated information about royalty. She is very passionate about her work and has great knowledge. And she is very helpful and it is always a pleasure to work with her.

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Joe Little, Managing Editor, Majesty magazine

I don’t recall how or when I discovered Netty Leistra’s original website, because it’s now a long time ago, but I do remember that I quickly came to depend on it and found it extremely useful for keeping up to date with the activities of members of the royal houses of Europe. It soon became […]

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