New royal and noble books – March 2021

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Author: Monika Czernin.

Title: Der Kaiser reist inkognito. Joseph II. unterwegs im Europa der Aufklärung (The Emperor travels incognito. Joseph II’s journey through Enlightenment Europe).

Publication: 9 March 2021 by Penguin.

Language: German, possibly there will also be an English version.


Author: Siren Çelik.

Title: Manuel II Palaiologos (1350-1425). A Byzantine Emperor in a time of tumult.

Publication: 31 March 2021 by Cambridge University Press.

Language: English.


Author: Francine-Dominique Liechtenhan.

Title: Catherine II. Le Courage triomphant (Catherine II. Triumphant Courage).

Publication: 18 March 2021 by Perrin.

Language: French.


Author: Jörg Kirschstein.

TItle: Auguste Victoria. Porträt einer Kaiserin (Auguste Victoria. Portrait of an Empress).

Publication: 18 March 2021 by be.bra. Verlag.

Language: German.


Authors: Jörg Krauss and Patricia Peschel for the Ministerium für Finanzen Baden-Württemberg and Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg.

Title: “Bis wieder die Sonne kam”. Das Wirken von Catharina Pavlovna (1788-1819) als Königin von Württemberg (reg. 1816-1819) (Until the sun came back. The work of Catharina Pavlovna (1788–1819) as Queen of Württemberg (r. 1816–1819)).

Publication: 1 March 2021 by Schnell & Steiner.

Language: German.


Authors: Dr. Peter Knüvener and Richard Nemec.

Title: König und Kaiser Karl IV. und die Oberlausitz. Schöpfer und Herrscher (King and Emperor Karl IV and Upper Lusatia. Creator and Ruler).

Publication: 1 March 2021 by Bäßler.

Language: German.


Author: Diana Fotescu.

Title: Americans and Queen Marie of Romania. A selection of documents.

Publication: 16 March 2021 by Histria LLC.

Language: English.


Author: Daniela Hooghiemstra.

Title: Om de liefde, voor de troon. Het dynastieke avontuur van prinses Irene en prins Carlos Hugo (For love, for the throne. The Dynastic Adventure of Princess Irene and Prince Carlos Hugo).

Publication: 23 March 2021 by Uitgeverij Balans.

Language: Dutch.


Author: Ronald de Graaf.

Title: Friso. Het tragische leven van prins Johan Willem Friso 1687-1711 (Friso. The tragic life of Prince Johan Willem Friso 1687-1711).

Publication: 22 March 2021 by Boom Uitgevers.

Language: Dutch.


Author: B.M. Cron.

Title: Margaret of Anjou and the men around her.

Publication: 31 March 2021 by History and Heritage Publishing.

Language: English.

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