Wedding Rehearsal for Ekaterina

Upon returning to Hannover from Bückeburg on 6 July I wanted to bring some things back to my hotel before dinner. My friends and I had actually agreed to meet about 15 minutes later at the entrance of the Marktkirche (Market Church). Little did I know that I never would end up in the hotel until much later that evening. My hotel was just around the corner of the church and of course when I saw the black cars from earlier that morning there, I just had to stop.

My friends later also arrived and well as some others. And then we just waited what was going to happen. I heard that a group of people, including the bride, had entered church some time before I had arrived. Finally the cars waiting in front of the church were ready for departure. But then the first car suddenly raced around the corner, everybody running around the corner too of course. The bride managed to get inside of the car without being photographed well. The others weren’t that quick. The mother of the groom, Princess Chantal of Hannover was there, also Sandra Mansour who designed the wedding dress. Furthermore a few bridal children and some female friends of the bride. And finally the dress … of course we still didn’t have an idea what it looked like, but it was fun to see the package being carried into a minibus.

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