Märtha relinquishes her official duties

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On Tuesday 8 November 2022, prior to her wedding to Durek Verrett, that is to take place in the near future, Princess Märtha Louise of Norway has decided that she will not carry out official duties for the Royal House at the present time. The decision has been made in consultation with her father King Harald V and other close family members. Märtha Louise has also informed that she is relinquishing her role as patron of various organisations, as they have provided the framework for her official duties. The organisations previously under her patronage will be offered the patronage of other members of the Royal Family. She will continue to serve as chair of the board of Princess Märtha Louise’s Fund.

With the decisions she and Durek Verrett wish to differentiate more clearly between their own business activities and their relationship to the Royal House of Norway, as well as her role as a member of the Norwegian royal family. That means that Märtha Louise will not employ the title of Princess and that the couple won’t refer to members of the Royal House in their social media channels, in media productions or in connection with other commercial activities. The exception is her Instagram account. Already in 2019 Märtha Louise decided to stop using her title in connection with her business activities.

She however will keep her title. Also Durek Verrett will become a part of the Royal Family after the marriage. He will not have a title or represent the Royal House of Norway. Together they will keep on attending family-related gatherings and certain major sporting events.

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3 thoughts on “Märtha relinquishes her official duties

  1. King Harald wasn’t too happy about his daughter stepping back from her position in the royal family. An interview I read about him and his thoughts about his daughter’s marriage was that Americans don’t understand the work of royal family’s service to the people of their country. Wishing his daughter good luck with her marriage and that the Royal Family moves on smoothly without her.

    1. https://royalcentral.co.uk/europe/norway/king-harald-and-queen-sonja-on-royalty-americans-dont-understand-183271/

      I think this is the best solution. Märtha Louise’s position is already controversial for years, because for a long time she tended to use her “Princess” title to make money. Also Durek has mentioned his “Princess” regularly during his work, that is quite controversial for many anyway. One can see the same dilemma in other royal families now, f.e. the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

      1. Yes, yes you’re right that royals monetizing themselves an odd thing when they already have an allowance or draw income from a Trust account. The Princess’s fiance using her title to elevate his profile is pretty weak of him to ride her style for his greater public glory, yuck! One hopes that royal ladies marry self-sufficient commoner men like Edo Mapelli Mozzi, Mike Tindall & Kei Komuro. Here’s hoping the novelty of marrying up for that guy wears off and he quiets down into just another wealthy rich people marriage with her.

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